Why Mezzanines Should be Your Number 1 Choice for a Warehouse Expansion

Why Mezzanines Should be Your Number 1 Choice for a Warehouse Expansion

When storage becomes a little bit tight in your warehouse and chaos ensues, it’s time for a rethink. You can do one of three things to restore order to your plant:

  • Relocate
  • Expand your warehouse floor
  • Put up a mezzanine

While there are pros and cons to all three, there are an abundance of reasons why, in most cases, installing a mezzanine is your best bet.

What do we mean by “mezzanine”?

The word itself comes from the Italian mezzano and its diminutive, mezzanine, meaning “middle”, so that gives you a clue. The mezzanine floor in a building is an extra tier or set of tiers between the ground and the ceiling of an existing building. Think of it as the indoor balcony in the middle of a vast room.

You can install a mezzanine for additional storage space, offices or for picking and packing. Most often made from steel, mezzanines can sit be supported by poles or beams, leaving your ground floor clear. Mezzanines are compatible with stairways, gates, barriers, and even lifts. You can choose the flooring and overall look and feel of your installation. They can be customised to your specific needs and in line with your room dimensions.

Why install a mezzanine?

Where to begin? When you’re looking for more space, time is of the essence. Colleagues are finding work more challenging and mistakes are a risk because of a lack of organisation. You need a solution, and fast.

Vastly increase your warehouse capacity

Whether it’s one floor you want or various tiers, you can optimise the vertical space in your warehouse with a mezzanine, harnessing that under-used cavity below the ceiling. There is also the additional benefit of being able to clear your floor space and have good visibility of your product storage capacity.

Low cost way to maximise space

Installing a mezzanine costs significantly less than moving premises or getting an extension. In fact, once you’ve got your new floor in place, you are paying the same rent for more usable storage space. And if you own your own premises, then the mezzanine will add value to the building.

You can add more space later down the line

Your budget may not allow you to fully integrate the new storage space in one go. You may only need half your warehouse to be operational for now, then later, when demand for your product picks up and you’ve got more money in the bank, you can add more floors and racking within the location.

You can change your mind

It’s annoying to be stuck with an inflexible solution that doesn’t work for your business any more. Something might work for a few years, but then your needs change. With mezzanines, you can dismantle them and reuse the same materials for a new structure. You can sell your used mezzanine if you’re looking for something completely new, and put the costs towards your next project.

No need for planning permission

In most cases, you won’t need planning permission for your internal structure. You will have to comply with other regulations to ensure your mezzanine configuration is safe for staff, sturdy for storing heavy goods, and doesn’t breach access to fire escapes. However, planning permission for an external build can cause delays in a project and even stop it in its tracks. For a quick solution, a mezzanine is preferable to building an extension.

Improve productivity

A mezzanine stores boxes and equipment out the way when not in use, keeping the ground for clutter-free, making for easier operations management and minimising mistakes with picking and packing.

Keep teams together

Mezzanines can be used for extra offices, meaning departments that have clerical staff as well as fulfilment staff can work from the same area. This way, they can work more effectively as a team. The mezzanine is even able to provide an area for a break room.

These are just some of the great benefits you get with a mezzanine project, and there are many more.

If you’re considering a mezzanine for your plant, warehouse or retail space, the Mecano by ROSSS UK provides a fully bolted structure with no welding required. Using the maximum strength S350GD-rated steel, it is designed to be constructed at your premises so that it fits perfectly into its environment. It’s flexible, modular, offering a wide range of sections and comes with various accessories.

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