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All the advantages of Unimondial shelving in GALV version suitable for very damp environments


Specially designed in order to use UNIMONDIAL GALV effectively also in very damp environments. Furthermore it is designed to be integrated with Unimondial.
Uses shelves with removable reinforcements which allow to subsequently increase the capacity if needed.

Ideal for solutions ranging from filing to storage of light and medium loads of all kinds.

Discover all available applications: Shelving for industrial environments, shelving for office environments

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Discover the advantages of Unimondial Galv

Safety, strength and versatility, are the strengths of ROSSS Unimondial metal shelving


  • SHELVES with three-fold orders on all sides. Total absence of sharp edges or sharp parts.
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic foot resistant to pressure, directly press-moulded by Rosss with virgin material, remoistened, to confer greater resistance. Foot thickness 5 mm.
  • Galvanized steel foot for lofts or freestanding units.
  • The slots of the upright proposed by ROSSS are elliptical in shape without sharp edges. This also improves the capacity characteristics and the safety of the uprigh
  • The perforations of the upright proposed by ROSSS are located in a recessed surface from the outer surface of the upright. Because of this it is impossible for operators or goods to accidentally get caught in the eyelet during work, being the outer surface of the upright completely smooth and safe.
  • Rear stiffening cross bracings. In special cases (great heights, mezzanines) where further tightening of the structure is necessary, simple rear stiffening cross bracings are provided.
  • Marking. All structural elements are marked in order to have total traceability of the production process according to ACAI-CISI and UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.


  • The sheet thickness of the shelves of 0.75 mm, the edge of the shelf is 32 and 33 mm, respectively on the front and on the extremity. 3 fold orders on all sides, joint angles through welding or mechanical molding.
  • Upright width of 32 mm, among the widest on the market; considerable depth of the cavities on the upright which brings it to a total length of more than 155 mm with thickness of 10/10 for heights up to a maximum of 3 meters and 12/10 for heights over 3 meters.
  • Double interlocking hook on the upright with automatic lock at the bottom.
  • Welded reinforcements that combine affordability and great robustness.


  • The Unimondial shelving can be fitted without any problem even with Unimondial Galv galvanized shelves.
    These shelves, although have a slightly lesser capacity than those of Unimondial, provide greater flexibility of use: the reinforcements of Unimondial Galv shelves, in fact, are not welded because they are simply slotted in. As the capacity needs of the custormer change, the reinforcements in the shelves can be increased or decreased by varying their capacity. The possibility of removing all galvanized components of the shelf also allows to easily clean the components of the structure.
  • Flush hook that allows full use of the storage compartment.
  • Standard 50mm centre high and on request 25 mm (for uprights of max of 3 meters high).
  • The installation can be made either on single upright or on uprights close together (double side). Fiber-reinforced plastic material.
  • In order to change the capacity of Unimondial shelves which are without reinforcement, insert the removable reinforcements of Unimondial GALV


  • Easy Installation of the Unimondial system. The basic components of the Unimondial system are totally interlocking, ensuring a unique easy assembly even by unskilled personnel and without the use of specific tools.


  • A wide variety of shelves and sides is available for immediate delivery.

Unimondial Galv Accessories

A wide range of accessories allow you to customize the shelving according to any requirement

Available Colours

The Unimondial Galv hook shelving is produced in the following colours:

  • the product is available only galvanized

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Certified quality for our
hanging shelving

 Made only with certified structural steels. Each ROSSS structural product carries the CE mark


The steel used for making the hooks is of type DD 11 with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from coils, through moulding.


The steel used for making the shelves is of type DC 01 with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from coils, through molding and bending.

Cross beams

The steel used for making the cross beams is of type DC 01 with minimum unitary yield stress of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from coils, through moulding.


The steel used for the realization of the uprights is 3.1 certificate structural type, S235JR with minimum unit yield stress of 235 N / mm2. The product is obtained from coils, by molding and cold profiling.


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