ROSSS Pallet Racking Delivers Solution for Major UK Retailer

ROSSS Pallet Racking Delivers Solution for Major UK Retailer

ROSSS UK was required to develop a garden centre concept for a major UK retailer. The concept started from an architect’s brief and included shelving, wire displays, longspan and racking solutions to encompass a hugely diverse range of products.

The R&D department worked quickly to develop the correct solution. Working closely with the client the concept was completed in only 12 weeks including the installation within the first store.

Below is a walk-through video of the new Garden Centre area:

Gardencentre Shelving

Our latest project development! #Gardencentre : #wire #shelving and #longspan, duly coated for resisting the outside weather. This #garden #centre includes a wide range of professional displays, for the modern #retailer. #Racking with weather proof coating and #gondola #shelving including hot dipped galvanised protection

Posted by CAEM on Thursday, 29 June 2017

Pallet racking was installed around the perimeter wall so pallets can be stored at the top, and specific displays for fencing and long products were designed to be robust and hard wearing. A grid shelf was developed to hold slabs and other heavy items with long-term durability in mind.

A new type of gondola shelving was developed, entirely hot dipped galvanized, with custom wire shelving to allow water and residue to pass through to the floor, preventing moisture collecting below the plants.

The gondola ends feature a specific table build with wire grid for specific plants on display.

ROSSS UK shelving systems are strong and durable and deliver flexibility of use in the outdoor environment. The wire shelves look just like the indoor retail wire shelving but are modified to tolerate extreme weather conditions outside. This includes a hot dipped galvanised treatment and reinforcing to tolerate garden centre wear and tear.

Compounds and gravels are displayed in pallets, where a specific display for signage and communication was included. The goal posts deliver a tidy layout, with easy pallet locations and effective messaging for the consumer.

Special pricing devices were developed to be compatible with other store departments and modified to ensure they were weatherproof and suitable for the outdoor environment.

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