Italnastri S.P.A. Implements ROSSS Pallet Racking Iron Fist For Heavy Storage

Italnastri S.P.A. Implements ROSSS Iron Fist For Heavy Storage

About the Client

Italnastri S.p.A. (Italnastri) is a manufacturer of papers and plastic films. The business supplies a number of industries including: graphic designers, commercial printers and the label manufacturers. This it has been doing for over 40 years and through extensive R&D it continues to evolve and meet the growing needs of its markets.

The Project

Italnastri were looking to build a new storage facility that would be able to cope with the heavy loads required in the storage of paper and plastic stocks. Being located in Cerreto Guidi, in the province of Florence the structure would also have to ensure that it met the latest anti-seismic and safety regulations.

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ROSSS Anti-seismic Iron Fist

Robust & durable

Huge capacity

Easy access for logistics

Long lasting powder coated finish

Functional, to the design and brand

The Solution

ROSSS worked closely with the team at Italnastri to ensure that the building was large enough to support the large amounts of storage required and provide the necessary access to the equipment to load and unload this stock.

In addition to the structural strength to support the extreme weight the plant was also designed to encompass the latest anti-seismic regulations.

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