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Optimising your Warehouse Space

Space is of a premium when you’re stocking a large number of products in your warehouse or distribution centre. Poorly laid out shelving structures means inefficient use of space that leads to poor organisation. Stock piled up in areas where access is most needed, staff picking errors and wasted time are all some of the consequences. In the worst instance, you may have to buy additional warehouse space that’s not needed.

How can you optimise your warehouse space to prevent the above scenarios?

Make good use of vertical space

Tall warehouse spaces mean there is often an abundance of under-utilised space over your head. Think about your shelving structure. Can it be adapted to reach higher to store more goods? Could you add in a mezzanine to create more floors? It’s cheaper to go up than go out, so it’s worth considering maximising your vertical space.

Reduce space between aisles, or better yet: eliminate them altogether

Too much space between shelving structures can be a waste of storage availability, so why not minimise them to “just enough”? With ROSSS’s Iron Fist Drive-In, you can eliminate corridors altogether using forklifts to drive the goods into their slot. What’s more, the space centring technology ensures that no space is wasted once the pallet has been placed in its location.

For document storage, the Train allows you to radically lower the space between shelves by closing over corridors that are not in use, meaning you can store even more.

Size your slots correctly

This will take some maths, or a clever warehouse management software, but in any case, you need to calculate how many of each SKU you can store in a given area and make sure this area does not allow for too much space.

Consider the dimensions of your equipment

Thick beams and uprights can impinge on your available storage capacity. Where possible, choose slender alternatives to ensure you can fit more products. Bolts that stick out into the shelving area can also compromise your product space, so recessed bolt fixings can be advantageous for maximising shelving availability.

Lower height between shelving

If the space between beams is taller than your pallet height, then space is being wasted. Therefore, alter the height between the beams to accommodate more stock.

If you’re looking for a new warehouse layout, the team at ROSSS is here to help you design and install a structure that will make best use of all your available space. We have various products for a range of storage needs, so you’re bound to find the perfect solution.

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