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Dublez Shelving

Dublez is a shelving for the storage of products with characteristics and a limited weight, including, in particular configurations, also, light pallets.


With the possibility to insert anti-seismic latticeworks, DUBLEZ is the lightweight anti- seismic shelf, made also with walkway systems. Its hooking holes also make it the ideal solution for its integration with Unimondial shelving.
In the standard version the beam is mounted so as to accommodate the shelves between the beams and the shelving: the ideal solution for picking operations of small and medium capacities. When turning oer the beam, the smooth surface of the beam lends itself to the storage of lightweight pallets.
DUBLEZ can have multiple uses, such as shelving for light equipment in each department, at the start of line for the components, in shopping centers and in distribution for the sale and the sorting of light products which can be maneuvered manually or using hand or electric pallet trucks.

Anti-seismic shelving unit suitable for walkway systems

The construction features are such to avoid sharp contours and parts that, during normal warehouse operations, may represent sources of risk for the warehouse operators.
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Discover the advantages of Dublez

DUBLEZ is a light static shelving, particularly suitable for the storage of products that products which, for the dimensional characteristics and limited weight, do not need to be handled with the support of a pallet, however, it has the versatility to house light pallets.


  • Complete absence of sharp edges, to avoid any kind of accident due to contact with roughness or sharp parts
  • The support bracket of the floor is made in a single piece, without welding for greater strength, and equipped with special fixing system, in place of the traditional front mounting. This system ensures a higher strength to the vertical load so that the mezzanine can be safely used.
  • The protected position of the anchors fastening the foot to the floor avoids any chance of obstruction and collision with moving parts.
  • Cross beams and diagonals made with closed profiles, for greater resistance to the load and the complete elimination of sharp parts with sharp edges.
  • The double drilling of the beam couplings favours the correct insertion of the locking pin in both its configurations. The use of a round head fixing screw ensures greater safety.


  • Upright profile with 60mm front section and large area of the profile due to the deep back development; It ensures a remarkable resistance to the load, together with a limited frontal area.
  • The upright flaps are folded in towards the inside with a “C” closing, to ensure greater resistance to the load.
  • The uprights are available in two thickness, depending on the load requirements. It is also available in high strength steel.
  • Central rib on the upright, which eliminates the potential for local instability of the front face.
  • Galvanization of uprights = z 200. Galvanization of cross beams and diagonals z = 140.


  • Thanks to the special interlocking system, the beam can be mounted in a reversible manner. The smooth side is ideal for placing lightweight pallet directly on it, while the other is ideal for the storage of boxes and unpackaged goods.
  • The beam is available in two different heights *, 77 mm and 102 mm, depending on the required capacity. In the 75 mm variant, the beam is available in two versions of different thickness, to meet the different capacity requirements, up to a maximum capacity of 950 kg per shelf.The side with shelves is designed to accommodate different support shelves on which to place the goods. The shelves may be metallic (standard) or gratings, wood, or another type according to necessity.Beam connection requires only 50 mm, which guarantees a greater flexibility of use.
  • The use of a round head screw in the joint between beam and upright allows you to increase beam capacity.


  • The specific nut washer allows easier mounting and a more homogeneous distribution of the clamping pressure.
  • The fixing square head bolt with 8.8 resistance, specially made for DUBLEZ, allows mounting without the use of a counter spanner, thanks to the square cross-section that prevents rotation when fixing.


  • è disponibile con pronta consegna una vasta gamma di spalle e correnti.

Dublez Accessories

All the shelving elements are made of galvanized steel. This treatment guarantees excellent corrosion resistance even in cold and humid environments.

Available Colours

Dublez is produced in the following colours:

  • the product is available only galvanized

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Certified quality for our anti-seismic lightweight shelving

Made only with certified structural steels. Each structural ROSSS product is certified with CE mark


The steel used for the realization of the beams is 3.1 certificate structural type, S250GD+Z200, with minimum unit yield strength of 250 N / mm2. The product is obtained from tubular bars, by molding or welding..

Foot plate

The steel used for the realization of the foot plates is 3.1 certified structural type, S250GD+Z140 with minimum unit yield strength of 250 N / mm2. The product is obtained from pickled coils, by molding and subsequent galvanizing.

Diagonals and crossbeams

The steel used for the realization of the diagonals and cross beams is 3.1 certified structural type, S250GD+Z100 with minimum unit yield strength of 250 N / mm2. The product is made from galvanized coils, through profiling


The steel used for the realization of the 15/10 uprights is 3.1 certified structural type, S350GD+Z200, with minimum unit yield strength of 350 N / mm2. For 12/10 uprights the steel used is 3.1 certified structural type, S250GD+Z140 with minimum unit yield strength of 250 N / mm2. The product is made from galvanized coils, through moulding and profiling


Made of quality steel type DX51D+Z100, unit load with minimum unit yield strength of 140 N / mm2. The product is made from galvanized coils, through moulding and profiling.


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